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Now Available! The Estrogen Errors: Why Progesterone Is Better for Women's Health

In this revealing work, Dr. Jerilynn Prior teams up with Susan Baxter, a medical writer, to explain the controversy over medicine prescribing estrogen for perimenopausal women in the United States, and to detail why progesterone is actually a far more effective, and a far less risk-ridden, approach. Read more...

Transitions Through the Perimenopausal Years

Transitions Through the Perimenopausal Years, authored by Lissa Zala and Andrea Swan with Dr. Jerilynn Prior, gives you the tools and the space to Read more...

Estrogen’s Storm Season

This fiction book begins as eight frustrated midlife women—from all walks of life—meet Dr. Kailey Madrona, a woman specialist. Read more...
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