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Ovarian Hormone Therapy (OHT)

What should I expect after early surgical menopause?

I'm 47 and had my ovaries but not my uterus removed. However, following surgery I wasn't told what to expect, if I needed to take hormones, or what I might experience. Read more...

Now Available! The Estrogen Errors: Why Progesterone Is Better for Women's Health

In this revealing work, Dr. Jerilynn Prior teams up with Susan Baxter, a medical writer, to explain the controversy over medicine prescribing estrogen for perimenopausal women in the United States, and to detail why progesterone is actually a far more effective, and a far less risk-ridden, approach. Read more...

Bewildered by Bio-Identical Hormones

Are bio-identical hormones safe for treatment in menopause? I have no symptoms but did have a blood clot in my calf years ago when I was first pregnant. I was told then to never take estrogen. Read more...

WHI, One Year Later — WHY?

It has been a year since the Women’s Health Initiative Estrogen plus Progestin (WHI) arm of this large trial was stopped early because it caused harm Read more...

What the Women’s Health Initiative Results Mean for Breast Cancer Survivors

In July 2002 a large, randomized control trial called the Women’s Health Initiative was stopped three years early with the conclusion that Estrogen plus Progestin (E+P) is, on balance, not an effective preventative medication for healthy menopausal women. The results of this trial have surprised both doctors and the general public Read more...

Concerned About HRT and Dementia


Am I wrong to be concerned about HRT and dementia?


Baseline Testing and Monitoring Changes


I’m 52 years old and skipping periods. I went to my doctor because I can’t sleep, I’m awake sweating and worrying half the night. Plus I feel tired and irritable all day. Read more...

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