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What's Normal?

This is the time from the first period, called menarche, until about age 20. This is a time of maximal physical growth and maturation but also of the social Read more...

Heavy, Unpredictable Flow in a Teenager—Rethinking The Pill


my mom made me go to the doctor I'm 15 and don't get my periods on time and when it comes it's so heavy!!!!!. I got an order for The Pill. I'm not having sex so WHY WOULD I TAKE IT????? Read more...

Can we Prevent Anovulatory Androgen Excess (aka PCOS)?

Hi there. I don't know if you can answer this or even if you will think it is a stupid question, but I am 41 and have a 12-year old daughter who got her period two years ago. Read more...

Preventive Powers of Ovulation and Progesterone

This series of articles, originally published in the CeMCOR newsletter, illustrate the importance of ovulation throughout women's reproductive life. Read more...

Am I Skipping Periods Because of Too Much Exercise?

I'm having periods that are usually two or three months apart and my doctor says it's because I'm doing too much exercise. Read more...

Menstrual Cycle Diary Instructional Videos

In this four-part series, Dr. Jerilynn Prior, founder of the Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research, and a diverse panel of women discuss the importance of the menstrual cycle to a woman's overall health and Read more...

What does a "regular cycle" mean?

I enjoyed being part of the Menstruation and Ovulation Study and am excited to learn our results. But the menstrual cycle questions got me to thinking. Read more...

Emergency Contraception is now available over-the-counter!

I just heard that "The Morning After Pill" can now be bought at a drugstore without a prescription! You don't even have to talk with a pharmacist any more. I think that's great. Read more...

Young Women and Osteoporosis — Good news about treatment and prevention

Osteoporosis and broken bones are an old woman's disease-right? No, that is not right! Young women do get osteoporosis-although rarely.

Read more...

Should I stop checking my own breasts?


I'm confused and more than a bit bothered! I'm a menopausal woman with a family history of breast cancer. For years I've been told (ordered would be more accurate!) to check my breasts each month. Read more...

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