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Terms of Use

Almost everything CeMCOR publishes is is made available by the Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research, University of British Columbia, for free on this website. We welcome you to use it - you may make copies of handouts and tools for personal or clinical practice use. All copies must include our authorship. They may not be reproduced for profit.
Please do not sell our publications, (unless you are a bookstore reselling books) or use them as your own intellectual property. If you cite or quote from our work, please indicate where it comes from.

Those of us at the Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research integrate scientific and practical information for the benefit and empowerment of women. What is posted here is as wise and as accurate as we are able to produce. However, it lacks essential knowledge of your preferences, your life and health histories that are needed before treatment decisions are made. Please work with your primary care health provider to determine what is best for you. Remember we can't take responsibility (liability) for the personal health decisions that you make based on our information, suggestions and advice.


Join a Study:

Enrolment complete: Perimenopausal Hot Flush Study

Enrolment is now complete. Thank you for your interest.
CeMCOR is now recruiting Canadian women for this CIHR-funded randomized controlled trial to test whether oral micronized progesterone is more effective than placebo as therapy for hot flushes and night sweats in perimenopausal women.



Get Involved

Volunteer research participants are the heart of all CeMCOR research. Participants are invited to provide feedback on study processes, to learn their own results and at the end of a study, be the first to hear what the whole study found. Please become a CeMCOR research participant—you can contribute to improving the scientific information available for daughters, friends and the wider world of women.